To learn if you possibly would be a good candidate for Atlas Orthogonal Care, you can start by asking yourself a few questions and doing a few simple tests:

  • Did your particular health condition begin following a trauma to your head, neck or spine? Have you ever had a concussion or lost consciousness due to head trauma ?Think back throughout your life to any traumas you may have suffered, even if you think they were insignificant such as a minor auto accident. At low speeds, most of the impact is absorbed by the human body, not your car. Frequently body imbalance precedes pain and sickness … so even if your accident, fall, sports injury, or other trauma occurred years prior it may be related to your current health condition.
  • Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and turn your head to the left then back to the center. Then to the right and back to the center. Now open your eyes — and look at your head position. Is your head tilting to one side or the other? Is one of your shoulders lower than the other?
  • Now close your eyes again and focus on determining if more of your weight is distributed to one foot than the other.

These are signs of body imbalance, and if you exhibit them, you should be further evaluated for head/neck misalignment.