Amazing results! I am truly beginning to enjoy the benefits of great health and feeling fantastic. Dr. Kucine is amazing and genuinely cares about each of his patients because he has the old school philosophy of listening very carefully to his patients. My thyroid condition was extremely poor during the latter part of 2013 and visiting Dr. Kucine was my last ditch effort to seek help for this awful condition rather than undergo thyroid removal surgery. The supplements and nutritional support that he tailored specifically for me have definitely improved my quality of life. I’m no longer constantly tired, lacking energy to function and feeling crappy all the time. So far, the supplemental program is making a world of difference and it’s only been seven months. Best of all… I got my mojo back and my husband and I are overjoyed. My goal is to continue to experience optimal health and I know it’s possible now based on my current results….. 
Dr. Kucine…you are a blessing and amazing. Thanks a million!

I was so happy to find a doctor like Dr. Kucine. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis along with a bacterial overgrowth. This condition left me with a lot of chronic pain especially back pain. I sought out his services because of his background in manipulative therapy. Despite what I thought as recovering from the overgrowth I still did not feel my best. Dr. Kucine helped me get my GI system back on track with some dietary changes and supplements to support all of my systems. I love his laid back personality and the attention to detail he gives at each and every appointment. He is a true integrative doctor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend him if you need someone to take the time to help diagnose and treat difficult health issues.

Dr. Kucine is the most gentle, kind, laid back guy you’ll ever meet.  He does osteopathic manipulative medicine. He checks your whole skeletal system and then methodically starts getting things back in place.  No wild cracking or twisting–it’s almost all gentle muscle work, but you leave feeling like a new person.  He also does naturopathic medicine and recommends lots of herbal treatments for wellness.
Two of my babies had torticollis (wry neck which can cause a flat head) and instead of long PT, I took them to Dr. Kucine who fixed both of them.  I’ve sent many people to Dr. Kucine and no one has ever been disappointed.  Be aware, he doesn’t participate with insurance (you can get reimbursed he gives you the appropriate paperwork) so it’s payment up front.  I think he’s well worth the money.  I have a big decrease in pain when I see him, and he’s so cool to talk to,
I always leave in a great mood.

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