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Due to automobile and industrial pollution as well as the use of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and pesticides in and around our food supply, we can potentially be overexposed to unhealthy chemicals and end up carrying a “toxic load” in our bodies! Using the analogy of a car, our liver can be thought of as the oil filter. The liver works 24/7 to rid our bodies of toxins we continually consume and ingest through daily life in our modern world. At times, the liver can get overwhelmed by the vast detoxification needs of our bodies and become “congested.” Not diseased so-to-speak, but unable to keep up with the toxic demand, which can lead to poor sleep, bloating, fatigue, skin problems, irritability and other symptoms of simply not feeling well.

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Our colon and kidneys also play a major role in keeping our bodies running in a clean, healthy and vibrant manner. When the toxic load becomes too great and we feel sluggish or bloated, we can help our body’s detoxification pathways by supporting the function of the liver, kidneys and colon. This can be accomplished through diet and lifestyle changes and the addition of gentle supplementation.

In our office, we particularly like the 21-day Purification Program from Standard Process. It involves diet adaptations, supplements and healthy shakes or smoothies. It is not a difficult regimen but does take some discipline. However, the results are typically quite gratifying and include healthy weight loss, decreased bloating, better sleep, improved energy and stamina, clearer skin―the list goes on. If the 21-day program is too taxing for an individual, then we recommend a 10-day concentrated program, or simply the adoption of an overall healthier lifestyle with some added liver, kidney and colon support. We match the best program to meet the needs and continued success of each individual patient to achieve a healthier overall state of well-being.

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