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Do you suffer from hypothyroidism or chronic fatigue, but can’t find the root cause of your condition? Or perhaps you experience anxiety, depression, headaches, sinusitis, or bronchitis and the cause remains a mystery. Back to Balance, Ostheopathy and Wellness Medicine is here to help you.

In our office, we don’t simply treat individual symptoms one by one—we evaluate patients from a holistic osteopathic approach to form a comprehensive treatment plan. How? By utilizing the highest standards of medical diagnosis, a thorough medical history and physical exam are performed while paying careful attention to any issues specific to the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal system via a hands-on osteopathic approach. This gives us an overall view of your state of wellness and provides insight into how to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue or hypothyroidism holistically.

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Our physicians listen attentively to discover any underlying issues which may be occurring within a patient’s emotional, mental, or spiritual aspect. For example, patients who suffer from conditions such as anxiety, hypothyroidism or chronic fatigue often present with a wide variety of symptoms, some of which impact both mind and body in somewhat predictable ways. After a thorough exam and history, we present each patient with the opportunity to address any of these areas which may be negatively influencing their overall health and well-being.

We develop a treatment plan and discuss options with the patient in a team-like atmosphere so that each patient is well-informed and may play an active role in their health care. We find that this approach benefits patients suffering from such total-body-impacting conditions as chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism. Depending on specific symptoms including headaches, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, treatment plans may include some or all of the following:

• appropriate prescription medications
• osteopathic manipulative therapy administered by Dr. Kucine
• therapeutic lifestyle modifications
• home exercise plan
• diet and nutritional therapy
• counseling
• biopuncture

We may suggest other options as needs arise. Our goal is to increase your overall wellness, which in turn increases your overall quality of life.

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