9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

We know that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. Some are naturally occurring, and even our bodies have their own EMFs. However, there are a lot of manmade EMFs too, and as society becomes more and more digital, we find ourselves surrounded by more and more toxic electricity.

Studies have shown that increased exposure to EMFs can lead to a host of adverse health outcomes. Issues can range from relatively minor headaches and fatigue to life-threatening immune disruptions and some types of cancer. EMFs have also been shown to have an immediate effect on sperm motility.

Sounds pretty terrible, right? While it’s unlikely you can eliminate all manmade EMFs from your life, we have nine tips to help drastically minimize your exposure.

  1. Give your body some space. EMFs are measured not just by their frequency, but also by their intensity. That means the closer you are to an EMF-emitting device, the more likely your body is to absorb the electromagnetic radiation it produces. Do not put laptops or tablets on your lap. Do not carry your phone in your pocket. Do not hold your cell phone up to your ear when making a call. Use a wired headset instead (Bluetooth devices also emit EMFs, so using wired headsets or speaker mode are safest).
  2. Shield yourself. In addition to keeping electronic devices away from your body, consider investing in shields specifically designed to block EMFs. You can buy them for laptops, cell phones, and even the walls of your house! There is great variation in quality and price, so do your homework.
  3. Airplane mode: Not just for airplanes. Many of us are so addicted to our cell phones that we sleep with them next to us (or worse, under our pillows) at night. This means you are receiving a constant stream of electromagnetic radiation at the precise time your body is trying to rest and repair. If you must sleep with your cell phone close by (maybe for a morning alarm), put it on airplane mode to disconnect it from WiFi and cell towers. Speaking of which…
  4. Turn off your WiFi. This might be really tough for a lot of us to do because we use WiFi all the time. You might be reading this article via a WiFi connection right now! But connecting to the internet through an ethernet cable eliminates all the EMFs associated with wireless devices.
  5. Keep the cables. Although most electronic devices are cordless these days, those Bluetooth connections emit high levels of electromagnetic energy. Always opt for cables when possible. Printers, keyboards and mice should all be corded. Baby monitors and cordless phones also emit high levels of EMFs, so switch to corded varieties of those as well. Think of it as going vintage!
  6. Spice up your life! Some spices have been shown to repair cell damage. Since evidence shows that EMFs can disrupt normal cellular activity, it can’t hurt to add some zesty additions to your meals. Cloves, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary and turmeric have exhibited restorative properties.
  7. Bye-bye microwave burritos. They are super convenient, but like many other conveniences we’ve mentioned, microwaves emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. The older your microwave, the more likely the door seal is damaged and you have increased exposure. Opt for an updated convection steam oven instead.
  8. Play in the dirt. A simple way to neutralize the physical reaction to electromagnetic frequencies is something called “earthing” or “grounding.” It’s based on the idea that skin-to-earth contact can eliminate ambient voltage. So garden, go to the beach, lay in the grass, make mud pies with your kids–connect with the Earth.
  9. Make sure you’re up to code. Faulty electrical wiring will only add to your EMF burden, so make sure the wiring in your home was done properly. Repair anything that isn’t up to par, and make sure you hire licensed professionals to do any new work.

Most of us love our electronic devices, and even if we don’t, they’re such an ingrained part of modern life they’re impossible to escape. We’re not suggesting you live in a yurt in the forest but try to make smart choices and look for the best ways to minimize exposure to EMFs. Your body will thank you for it.