Many people hear about Atlas Orthogonal and are wondering if they can be helped by this extraordinary type of care. The first step is a consultation where your history, especially any history of head or neck trauma, will be discussed in detail.

Next, an examination is performed. If after the examination it is determined that the patient is demonstrating significant body imbalances such as head tilting to one side, one shoulder being lower than the other, one hip being lower than the other, or a rotation in the pelvis, then the Atlas Orthogonal Doctor will take extremely precise x-rays of the head and neck to determine the severity and type of the spinal misalignment.

The Doctor analyzes the x-rays and determines a specific upper cervical correction formula that will work to bring your spine back into alignment. After the first upper cervical correction, the Doctor will take two post x-rays to determine the response of the body to the initial correction. After the initial evaluation the doctor will be able to estimate the number of corrections needed and the length of time necessary for the spine to be stabilized in its correct alignment.